Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair &
Walls of Jerusalem National Parks 

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Published by John Chapman
Authors - John Chapman, Monica Chapman & John Siseman

Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair & Walls of Jerusalem - Update Page

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The 6th edition of this guide has been sent to print. Delivery is scheduled for March 24th. It is the same size and layout as the 5th edition. Changes are the notes have been updated and also aa short description has been included of the Jacksons Creek Track (an unmarked track that links the end of the Mersey Road with Lake Myrtle).

Previous editions of this guide were publsihed in 1979, 1984 (reprint with minor revisions), 1990, 1993, 1998 and 2006. 192 pages, 140 colour photographs, 4 key maps, 27 colour topographic maps, ISBN 1 920995 13 3, Recommended Price A$34.95.

For those walking the Overland Track only, a companion guide, Overland Track, describing only that track and its major sidetrips could be considered. It is basically a subset of this guide which also includes the Overland Track, so we would expect walkers to use one or the other but not both. Both books are illustrated with mostly different photographs so if you are after a more complete set of images then you might consider obtaining both.

An independent review of the both books describing the two books as the best walking guides in the world is on a USA website

The guide covers all the marked tracks and most of the unmarked tracks and routes in the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks. This is the northern half of the Western Tasmania World Heritage Area (WHA). Track notes for the southern half of the WHA are in South West Tasmania. Contains comprehensive track notes, brief background notes on history, weather, botany and geology, place names, comprehensive safety notes and access details.

Walks described are one day walks to the Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair Areas, The Overland Track with all sidetrips, Pine Valley, Arm River and Lees Paddocks access to Pelion Plains, Penguin Cradle Trail, Walls Of Jerusalem including access walks from all directions, linking routes between the two National Parks and an Other Routes section with rougher or poorly marked routes for experienced off-track walkers.

Some have asked for an online version - see my online policy page about why this is still impractical for our books.
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