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This page will detail major updates to the 2009 guide book - it will not contain all minor corrections but will have all important ones needed for walking the track  Some of the notes below will detail recent track clearing - unfortunately we expect some parts of  the track will need to be cleared two or three times over the next decade as regrowth from the 2003 and 2006 fires has been prolific so expect changes in scrub cover. As an example, since the 2003 fire,  T Spur on Mt Bogong has been cleared three times and is still overgrowing!.

NOTE - some have become confused because the track alignment on our maps and other maps do not agree. We provide maps in the book for navigation on the AAWT as they are the only maps that show the correct location of the track. Many other maps have errors as to the tracks location - we recommend you carry and also use other maps as they show more area than a book page can. They are very useful if you lose the track, need to leave the track early or want to identify points of nearby interest such as mountains. All this has been stated on page 32 in the first paragraph on maps.

Page 23-25 Food. For recipe ideas read 'The Outdoor Gourmet' by Michael Hampton. Its available from Open Spaces Publishing
Page 32 - Food Drops - Regarding hiding food drops, they should be placed well away from roads and tracks, we suggest at least 100m and preferably 200m away to reduce risk of discovery. Do not leave them inside or underneath obvious places like huts or buildings. Parks have requested that drops not be dug into the ground, rather hide them inside scrub or in natural hollows buried with leaf and forest litter. Do not mark them with tape, flags or other markers, instead draw a small map for yourself with bearings and distances so you dont have to remember its location. If you can see the drop from a distance then others can as well!
Page 52
- Thomson River - log bridge gone, wade 10ms downstream of old broken log or at high water levels cross on walk bridge below Easton Dam wall 1km upstream
Page 53-54 - Camping is now banned at Red Jacket, camp at Blue Jacket.
Page 54 - 70.3km, just after the road, ignore a foot track on the left that sidles the spur, instead follow the spur crest, the track is marked and well defined.
Page 60 - 94.4km, Black River, 5m before the river, keep left and follow the bank for 50m to a log crossing
Page 64 map - water west of Rumpff Saddle difficult to access, water beside road south of saddle is a better choice.
Page 69, Maps, the Bush Maps Victoria map is now a 1:50,000 scale map
Page 74 - Low Saddle water, small puddle is now hard to find, an alternative is to follow the road north for 900m to the obvious creek
Page 76 - fire regrowth has made it hard to follow the sidles of Square Top, at present easier to simply follow ridge crest, parks intend to clear this soon
Page 88 - Viking Saddle, from early summer, carry water to camp here as the local water supplies are usually then dry.
Page 92 - at 838942 ensure you swing north to avoid a very old closed track to the south. Water from Barry Saddle tank is very poor, needs filtering, it is planned to be replaced.
Page 93 - Barry Mountains Water Tank no longer works. New water tank placed 2km north at 848967. Also another new tank on Selwyn South at GR 907995
Page 98 - on 2nd last line in Southbound, 'turn east' should be 'turn west'
Page 100 - new water tank on ridge top west of The Twins at GR 036019 (installed June 2010), no water tank at Diamantina Hut
Page 101 - line 5, from Diamantina Hut its south-east not south-west
Page 107 - near Dibbins Hut, new tent platforms (fees apply) and toilet in side gully on north side of river
Page 110 - Tent platforms (fees apply) have been erected near Cope Hut. Also AAWT has been rerouted from the saddle west of Cope Hut direct to Wallaces Hut. This was the original route when the track was first opened in 1970. Also camping is not allowed near Wallaces Hut.
Page 121 - the signpost at Big River Road is incorrect (someone has tampered with it), turn left onto the road as per the notes, do not follow the pad straight ahead into scrub
Page 126 - 5th line, the Mitta Mitta is the lowest point north of the Baw Baws (the Thomson River is actually the lowest point on the track)
Page 130 - 317.3km - track location has been moved to follow Toms Link Track then Kelleys Track to Four Mile Track Its then about 600m to the ford of Four Mile Creek, not 200m
Page 138 - Johnnies Top, new communication tower with generator has been added to the summit. Suggest to not camp close to tower
Page 141 - 362.4 to 364.4km, most walkers follow the road instead of the overgrown ridge crest
Page 144 -145 map, the track from Macs Creek Track to Dead Horse Creek was realigned and cleared in early 2017 (we did some of the work). Parts were moved by several hundred metres, ignore the map alignment and follow the markers.
Page 152 - The Cobberras, regrowth from the 2006 fires made the range every scrubby. Expect slow walking and overgrown campsites.
Page 160 - bottom of page, old fence has vanished and tiny side track to Cascade Hut is easily missed.
Page 160 – Section 9 - Tin Mine to Cascade Hut - March 2019 – the vehicle track will be closed for the month for removal of dead trees. Plan to pass through after working hours.
Page 180 – 458.0km, 1.7km of the track past Mt Lee has been re-routed to the western side to avoid an environmentally sensitive area
Page 186, GR 240807, due to scrub regrowth, steel reinforcement in saddle is no longer visible. From the saddle, a faint track with the odd cairn leads to the old track which can then be followed to Whites River
Page 187, Official Route, Seamans Hut now has a toilet, no camping within 50m of the road, second last paragraph, bridge over Munyang River destroyed, alternative is to follow road to Whites River Hut
Page 188, Whites River Hut, collect water upstream from the hut. Its a popular camp site and it should be obvious that water below the toilet is polluted.
Page 189, old pad leading to Mawsons Hut no longer visible
Page 200 - 516.5km - line 1 south-west should be south-east, 4th line north-west should be north-east.
Page 203, Happys Hut to Boltons Hill Train Junction, follow the spur through snowgums as on the map on page 202, not the scrubby gully which some are doing
Page 207 - side track to Four Mile Hut is now signposted.
Page 216 - dont try to follow the 'old fire track' shown on the map as its becoming overgrown. It was put on the map so walkers would realise it was not the AAWT. Unmarked route across Dairymans Creek marked in 2015, there is no track, only occasional markers.
Page 219 map and page 221, 599.1km - 'Harris Hut Road' has now been renamed with signposts as 'Blue Waterholes Trail'
Page 222 - The campsite on the grassy flat near Blue Waterholes has been closed, instead a new campsite has been opened near the locked gate and toilet.
Page 224 map - the toilet at Pocket Hut has been removed
Page 226 - sidetrack to Pocket Hut now has a signpost.
Page 228 - Bimberi Peak, there is now a well defined pad the summit
Page 229 - 614.3km - line 5, A steep descent then leads 'westward' should say 'eastward'
Page 230, campsite before Cotter Gap is no longer an excellent campsite
Page 234 - signposts at Link Track/Orroral Road junction have changed
Page 236 - map, grid markings for eastings should range from 82 to 87 (not 62 to 67)

General – In Kosciuszko National Park - Fences have been erected on some open areas. These fence off areas of weeds and are designed to keep walkers on the track to prevent weed seeds being spread into new areas.

Transport - No regular public transport, charters with private operators may be possible. For Walhalla, try the Star Hotel or the general store, they can sometimes help. For Mt Hotham and the Bogong High Plains try the taxi at Bright (tel 0408 589370) or the taxi at Mt Beauty (tel 0409 573909), for access from Omeo to Omeo Highway, Benambra-Corryong Road and Buenba Hut try O'Connells Bus Services (tel 03-5159 1377), for access from Cooma to Perisher, Guthega and Kiandra try Hummingbird Charters (tel 02-6456 4425).
Track break - Kiandra - Walgal Hut at Kiandra can now be booked for two nights at a time. It sleeps up to 8 and costs $250 per night - see the NSW parks website for bookings.
Track break - Mt Hotham. During summer not much is open at Mt Hotham. For many, a better alternative is to continue 26.6km further to Langfords Gap then leave the AAWT and follow either the Bogong High Plains Road or Heathy Spur for about 5km to Falls Creek. Falls Creek is also a winter ski village but has many more facilities such as a small supermarket, accommodation and restuarants open during summer.

Current Conditions

Track conditions keep changing as storm damage and scrub regrowth from fires is unpredictable. Parks and volunteers are also doing track clearing work - even with this work regrowth in some areas has been so vigorous that clearing only lasts two or three years. This will be a summary of the latest I have heard about the condition of parts of the track.
Note - these changes all effect track times, if it has been cleared then expect to take less time and if a section is currently ovegrown expect it to take much longer. Its impossible to accurately provide current track times as conditions keep changing.

Mt Baw Baw plateau - over the last three years most of the plateau has been cleared of scrub by both volunteers and park staff, most of it is  now better than the photo on page 49 .The result is
Black River to Mt Macdonald (95.5km to 134.4km) - all of this section was cleared in 2012 by DCE staff and is currently OK to follow.
Mt Sunday to Low Saddle - logs have been pushed over the entrances to the track, it seems this was a result of road clearing!
Catherine Saddle to Barry Saddle - In May 2012 park staff cleared and remarked most of this section and most of it is currently reasonably easy to follow. As much of this section was severely burnt in 2006, expect regular treefall and vigorous regrowth.
Barry Saddle to Harry Shepherds Track - burnt in 2003 fires, old track currently overgrowing and scrubby. Barry Saddle water tank replaced with a new tank.
Van Damme Track to East Riley Road - burnt in 2003 fires, overgrown with some treefall - slow going, improved recently but expect to take longer.
Murray Hut Site to The Twins (216.4km to 222.4km) - most of the track along the ridge has been recently cleared of 2003 regrowth and is much easier to follow.
Mt Hotham to The Park - this section has had a major upgrade in standard, steps have been installed on steep sections, stepping stones and bridges across wet sections and rubber matting used in some areas to reduce track braiding.
Mt Bogong - Duane and T-Spur have both been cleared three times since the 2003 fire. The track keeps overgrowing and this is a common problem in many of the fire effected areas.
Big River Saddle to Mt Wills (page 122) - blackberries and other regrowth are covering parts of the track, expect slower progress.
Mt Wills to Omeo Highway - burnt in 2003 fires, cleared and marked in January 2012 by volunteers, track has been straightened and now easier to follow but expect future blackberry regrowth between Mt Wills South and the Omeo Highway
Gill Creek - page 130, track has been cleared and easy to follow
Buenba Hut Site to Dead Horse Creek (page 140 to 146) was cleared and remarked in 2011, some by volunteers and some by contractors, should be fairly easy to follow for a few years.
Misery Trail to Cowombat Flat Track - (page 146 to 151) - cleared and remarked in March 2016, some by volunteers and some by contractors.

Note - the volunteers are members of Bushwalking Victoria (Monica and myself are two of the volunteers and we try to spend one weekend each year doing track work)

Road Access

page 56 - The Mt Victor Road is currently 4wd drive access only (October 2013)
page 66 - Rumpff Saddle, during winter each year the road closed to all vehicles until October 31st.
Many of the 4wd tracks have lots of tree fall - a result of the huge 2003 and 2006 fires and recent wind storms. A chainsaw (and the skill to use it) is a must if using 4wd tracks for food drops.

Volunteer track clearings - Bushwalking Victoria organises voluntary clearing of many tracks including the AAWT. In recent years they (we often participate ourselves) have cleared Deadhorse Creek, Thomson River area, Baw Baw Plateau and Mt Will. Its mainly the same group of people who come along and we really do need more to participate. Instead of complaining about overgrown tracks, why not assist!.
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