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General - There are now a large number of tiny campsites (one or two tents) scattered along the trail - they are too numerous to individually describe.
Five of the shelter huts have solar powered USB charging stations

Section 8 - the descent (or ascent) from Brinkley Bluff to Stuarts Pass has been re-routed with many zig-zags and is now 1.4km longer.
Ellery Creek - page 108 and 117. Some have thought that camping in the creek bed is free. Sorry but fees apply to camp anywhere at Ellery Creek and this is also stated in Trip Planning on page 43.
Section 8 and 9 - a three sided shelter with open bunks and water tank has been constructed at Birthday Waterhole Junction.
Section 10 and 11 - Hugh Gorge, a three sided shelter with water tank has been constructed west of the creek.
Section 14 and 15 Serpentine Chalet, another three sided shelter hut has been built. This brings the number of shelters along the trail to six. Tents are still needed.
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