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Most changes result from our own trips - very few bushwalkers ever write in and provide corrections. Only major corrections that effect trip planning or navigation are included here.
p 27 - Cockle Creek - Tassielink and Evans Coaches have cancelled all services to the south-west. For a taxi. contact Dover Taxico, tel 0429 982 006 or hire a small car from Hobart (sometimes cheaper than a charter).
p 32 13.4km, Black Bluff, at high tide, you can avoid getting wet by using a pad along the top of the cliff
p 40 - We have commented that the descent from the Ironbounds is usually very muddy - a number of walkers have complained that it was very muddy for them, well what more can we say except that - yes - its is indeed muddy most of the time We have also commented on page 24 that mud on the track varies from ankle to calf deep which describes most of the mud on the Ironbounds descent fairly well. Yes its possible to find some deeper mud but the really deep holes can usually be skirted around. It is no longer management policy for walkers to wade through the deepest mud as some serious injuries have happened when doing so. In reality, the deep erosion has reduced the amount and depth of the mud, it once used to be much worse than it currently is and in fact one of the muddiest sections near the bottom of the Ironbounds is a relatively recent track re-routing.
P 62 - Delete both bus services, namely Tassielink and Evans Coaches as they no longer provide a bus service. Add Dover Taxico, tel 0429 982 006

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