Mt Feathertop

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This is the second highest mountain in Victoria and is often called the Queen of the Victorian Alps. In many ways it is the most elegant mountain in the state as it consists of a narrow high razorback ridge. It faces the prevailing winds and during most winters a very large cornice up to 20 metres high builds up on the summit ridge. The remnants of the cornice are often there until mid-summer and the thin white line of the cornice appears like a white feather hence its name.

With local walkers this is a very popular walking area. Most visit the mountain in summer. Experienced walkers often come here in winter as well and the steep western gullies provide ice climbing practice at sunrise.

There are two huts, both built by walkers for walkers and several well used tracks. The most popular track is the Bungalow Spur. This is well graded as it was originally created for horses. The spur leads to the Federation Hut, which is a tin hut built by the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs. The hut itself is not a great place to stay in. The grassy ridge next to the hut provides excellent camping and is a very popular tent site.

The next most popular track to the mountain is to follow the crest of the razorback from Mt Hotham to the Federation Hut. As this walk follows a high ridge, it involves less climbing but the longer approach is subjected to the weather and at times can be dangerous.

Another popular track on the mountain is the North West Spur. This is an extremely steep climb (or descent) to the MUMC Hut. The hut is a 2 story geodesic aluminium dome poised on the end of a ridge. It has tremendous views but due to the steep track is less visited.

An excellent 2 day walk is to follow the Bungalow Spur from Harrietville to the Federation Hut, then visit the summit and Little Feathertop for sunset. Next day either return down Bungalow Spur or visit the MUMC Hut and follow the north West Spur back into the valley.


Mt Feathertop is located near the town of Bright in north-east Victoria.


From Melbourne, folow the Hume Highway north-east to Wangaratta then turn right and follow the Ovens Highway to Bright then further on to the small township of Harrietville. The Bungalow Spur starts off a side road 1km east of the town.

Track Profile

The profile is displayed for most common access via Bungalow Spur and returning down the very steep North West Spur track.



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