Update for edition 6, 2015
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This page will be regularly updated several times each year. Most changes result from our own trips - very few bushwalkers ever write in and provide corrections. Only major changes that effect trip planning or navigation are shown here.

Page 115, 175. Lees Paddocks. The owners do not allow public camping on the paddocks. For permission to camp contact Judy Kilby 0439 334 663 or Grant Evans 0408 133 421
Page 184-186, Cheyne Range. Grid references are AGD66.
Page 186, second paragraph, line 3, Grid reference is 188359 (not 359188)
Mersey Valley - the road was closed for more than a year and this has allowed the scrub to grow. Most of the tracks are fairly scrubby at present and I expect they will improve during the 2017-2018 sumer as more people walk them. Expect some scrub and slower times until they are cleared.

A large fire has burnt out the some of the Great Pine Tier near the Great Lake. At this stage the fire map does not indicate any damage tot he Walls and access tracks, I expect the access fromt he Great Lake will be closed for some time until the fires are extinguished.
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