Tasmanian Trail

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A 477 km track that runs from the north coast of Tasmania, south past Hobart to the Esperance River. It has been primarily designed for horse riding and mountain bikes.

It is labelled as being for suitable for bushwalkers but when you study the design and location you quickly see it was intended for horses just like the Bicentennial Trail is. The push for the trail came from the Australian Trail Horse Riders Association. The average days length between campsites is 32 km - a difficult task for walkers to do, day after day, in the hill country of Tasmania.

The track avoids all of the Wilderness Areas and major national parks. Around about 90% of the 477 km trail is along some form of road, so for bushwalkers it is basically a long road bash. Considering the fantastic walking tracks elsewhere in Tasmania, this track has little appeal for bushwalking. That's good, as it's great that the horse and mountain bikes have their own trail as separating the groups reduces conflicts.


The track starts at Devonport which is on the north coast and heads south past the eastern side of the Great Lake. It then follows the Derwent River valley towards Hobart then heads south through a series of forestry areas to end at the Esperance River near Dover. Dover is a small town located about 40km north of the most southern point of the state.


The track crosses many roads and indeed much of the trail follows roads so there are plenty of access points. Access by public transport is limited to the major highways.

Track Notes & Maps

Complete trail notes are available in the guide book, 'Tasmanian Trail' (see Guide Books). The maps in the book are quite good although it is suggested you obtain the 1:100,000 topographic maps as well. There are also a series of excellent 1:25,000 maps by TASMAP for the entire trail - currently the trail is not marked on these maps. Other information can be obtained from the 'Tasmanian Trail Association, PO Box 99, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, 7005, Australia'.

Suggested Itinerary

I would not recommend this track as a long distance walking route. While some shorter sections might make worthwhile walks, I have not suggested any walking itineraries.


None are needed for walking the trail. Parts of the trail cross private land and access is granted under certain conditions. Basically keep to the marked trail and no camping on private property. Horse riders will need to obtain a key to the locked gates. Walkers can cross these gates without a key. The key is available from the Trail Association for a fee of $10 with a $40 deposit for return.

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