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Publisher and Author - John Chapman

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The 6th edition contains 224 pages, 141 colour photos, 22 maps, ISBN 978 1 920995 15 7, suggested retail price $42.50. The text has been fully revised and changed where necessary. The sixth edition is now available.

This is the guide book (in fact the only guide book) for all the major walks in the South West and Franklin - Gordon Wild Rivers National Parks in Tasmania. These two parks are a core component of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, one of the largest temperate wilderness areas of the world.

Changes from the 5th edition, design changes are minimal, all notes and maps are updated, main new addition are notes for the sidetrip to Daverns Cavern at Frenchmans Cap. Overall the guide describes almost 200 days of walking.

Previously published in 1976 (note form on A4 paper), 1978, 1983, 1990, 1998 and 2008. Covers all the main tracks and routes in South West and Wild Rivers National Parks in Tasmania. This covers the southern half of the Western Tasmania World Heritage Area. Track notes for the northern half are in another guide, Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. Contains comprehensive track notes, brief background notes on history, botany and geology, comprehensive planning and preparation notes and access details.

Walks described are South Coast Track, South West Cape, Port Davey Track, Huon & McKays Tracks, Precipitious Bluff (Southern Ranges), Picton Range, Federation Peak and approaches (Eastern Arthurs and Farmhouse Creek), Western Arthur Range, Mt Anne,  and Frenchmans Cap. Included as brief planning notes are the West Coast (Strahan to Port Davey), the Frankland Range, the Denison, Spires and King William Ranges and also a new section of Other Routes which includes Mt Hopetoun, Old River to Federation Peak, White Monolith Range, Vanishing Falls, Mt Norold and the Prince of Wales Range. Here is the Contents Page

If you are intending to walk here then I recommend you read the literature provided by National Parks. Travel has changed and Tassielink no longer run scheduled buses - the only way to get to Scotts Peak is either a charter or hire a small car and leave it at Scotts Peak (surprisingly often chaeaper than a charter)

For first time visitors to the region, be careful how you use the suggested walking times. The times given are the normal range for fit experienced walkers who are used to the conditions (experience elsewhere often means little in Tasmania as you will find out). The times are only walking times and most groups should add an extra 1 to 2 hours to each section to account for rest and photographic stops. Walkers not used to tasmanian mud and scrambling with packs often find they take much longer than the suggested times and this is normal. Some writers have stated the times in the guide are fanciful but they are not, as I have beaten every time in the book, but also have taken longer myself at the start of a trip when I am less fit and am loaded with 14 days food. Once you have done 1 or 2 days, you will know how your times compare to the given times and will be able to adjust your estimates accordingly. To suggest a time range of 2 to 7 hours would be not very helpful so I hope readers understand why I have given the average range (example - 2.5 to 4 hours) for fit experienced walkers.

Some have asked for an online version - see my online policy page about why we have not done this yet. Here is also an explanation of what our maps include and how we intend they be used.

Extras to the Guide

In writing a guide book, there is a limit as to what can be included and some useful and interesting information was left out in earlier editions. As a free service I will be providing some of the extra information that does not fit into the guide in these home pages. Weather details, height bar charts and a history of exploration which were once on this site have been placed into the current edition. If you have suggestions as to what else you would like included then drop me an email and if feasible I will add them into the pages here.

South West Tasmania - Extras

Corrections to the latest South West Tasmania edition

South West Tasmania update page

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