Mt Barney

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Mt Barney is the seventh or eighth highest mountain (depends on what is classed as a mountain!) in Queensland and the third highest in southern Queensland. It's much more than another high peak, it is a complex series of summits and huge cliff faces. These provide spectacular open views and make this the most desirable peak with bushwalkers from Brisbane.

There are no constructed tracks here and no easy routes. All require scrambling up cliff faces and rocky slabs and on many, use of a safety rope is advised. For anyone with a fear of heights avoid this place.

The most popular and easiest route is the South Ridge which is also known as Peasants Ridge. This ridge is regarded as easy by experienced off-track walkers but still has its difficult spots. There is also some danger and deaths from falls have occurred so don't underestimate the difficulties or dangers.

The other popular ridges are considerably more difficult with Eagles Ridge, North-East Ridge, Logans Ridge and South-East Ridge being popular. All the ridges take most of a day to ascend and most parties camp on top. For strong groups with prior knowledge of the easier ridges, day trips to the top and back are possible. Note that access to some ridges cross private land and permission is required for this.

There is no 'standard' walk on Mt Barney. There are a wide variety of trips and it is also possible to link the peak into through walks to Mt Maroon and Mt Ernest.


Many groups attempting Mt Barney need to be rescued. While in the tropics, this mountain is quite high and does get alpine style weather and can be very cold and wet. Another factor is twilight in the tropics is short and hence darkness falls quite quickly and many groups have been benighted on this peak. It is strongly recommended that for your first trip to this peak, go with someone was has climbed the mountain before.


The mountain is located about 100km south-west of the states capital, Brisbane.


Access is by private vehicle as there are no bus services to the mountain. Good highways lead to the area, then a series of minor roads are followed to the start of the routes. The closest camping area to the peak is at Yellowpinch Reserve.

Maps and Track Notes

Good topographical 1:25,000 maps are available. Either the special forestry/national park map or the SUNMAP 1:25000 Mt Lindesay cover most routes. Other 1:25,000 maps might be needed if planning a through trip. Good track notes are available in Secrets of the Scenic Rim by Robert Rankin and Bushpeople's Guide to Bushwalking in South-Eastern Queensland


As with all Queensland parks, permits are required for camping. Mt Barney is very popular with local walkers and it is suggested to book permits well in advance. A quota applies to how many can camp out (a maximum of 12 applies to each site) and many walkers have to visit the peak on day trips. Permits for camping cost A$3.50 per person per night.

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